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Live Training Begins for Home Vegetable Growers

The big news at the Vegetable Academy this month is the start of our new live training option for members. We've started to offer this next level of support in response to the increasing number of vegetable growing questions that have been coming our way.

Those of your who have joined the waitlist for our Seed to Table course, know that I'm already working on developing more specific training for home vegetable growers. However, that course will not be ready until January 2021 so I have been daydreaming about possible ways to begin working with growers on a deeper level before next January.

Photo of our home studio we'll be using to teach people about growing vegetables.
This new home teaching studio was one of the winter projects this year in preparation for the Seed to Table course.

The idea that kept rising to the top of the list was to offer a simple live training series once a month. For each of these live training sessions, I would prepare guided tours of all of our vegetable plots to demonstrate the tools and techniques we are using first hand, and follow that up with real-time Q & A to help address the challenges other growers are facing. What would nice about this monthly format, I thought, is that it could provide ongoing support for growers. It's what I longed for when I was getting started because you can never expect to learn everything all at once, especially in the world of vegetable growing.

So, a few weeks ago, we introduced our Classroom members to the possibility of this new Founder Membership option, and since we got a lot of positive support for the idea, we made it happen! The monthly live training is the core of the new membership privileges, but we figured the early investment of Founding Members entitled them another perk as well. Therefore, we'll be giving all Founding Members free registration for our Seed to Table course next January and they'll have a chance to influence the content this year too so that it's sure to be a valuable resource for them.

The video below shows a preview of what's in store.

We opened registration for one week earlier this month, and I was delighted to have 77 Founding Members join our new crew.

  • Some members have 20 plus years of experience while others are just starting their second year.

  • Some members are growing for their young family, and some are just getting back to growing in their retirement years.

  • Some members are about to set up a brand new garden plot while others have been faithfully tending the same piece of land for decades.

  • Some members have carved out growing spaces in an urban setting like us, and some have seemingly unlimited space in the country.

What we have in common is that we are all serious about growing our own food on land with sustainable organic methods...and getting results!

If you're just finding out about this now and you feel like it would have been a good fit for you, I'm sorry to inform you that registration has now closed. We had to have a registration deadline for this initial Founder Member launch so that I could start working with the new group at the same time. If you want to make sure you don't miss out the next time we offer something similar, just send me a quick message with the contact form at the bottom of this page. I'll make sure to keep you in the loop.

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