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Enjoy affordable ongoing mentorship for your vegetable growing endeavours along with continued access to our growing bank of science-based tips, crop records, and resources. 

"Instead of feeling overwhelmed, stressed and depressed at how my garden looks and is performing, I feel joyful, excited and in control. I look forward to going out to the garden each day and I'm excited to share what I'm learning and growing with others."

Cynthia Monk

Classroom Member Benefits


Access LIVE support for your vegetable growing projects through the monthly Q & A sessions with me.  Bonus LIVE features will include behind the scenes garden tours and member interviews to show you different ways to put these growing techniques into practice.


All of the LIVE features will be recorded and you will have full access to these recordings, so when life gets in the way and you can't attend LIVE, you still won't miss a beat.   There is already a bank of LIVE sessions available from the past year to get you started.


You could spend hours of your time and multiple growing seasons doing the research and trials yourself, but do you really want to?  As a Classroom member, you will have access to my growing collection of resources, including crop profiles, growing trials, equipment recommendations, and more.


New lessons in the garden present themselves over time, so it's simply not possible to learn everything overnight.  As a member of our Classroom community, you will have access to ongoing support from me to help you work toward your growing goals year after year.

"We know that Jared has put in countless years of intense gardening experience, with thoughtful, diligent research into the hows and wherefores!  You Tube videos are fun to watch but the trust we built in Jared's information has made him our go to guy every time. "

Donna Hagel and Mike Feldman

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this monthly membership price ever change?

No. Once you sign up, your monthly price is locked in so future price increases will not effect you.

Does the Classroom Pass give me access to everything in the Classroom?

Almost. There are a some posts at the top of each Module page that specifically addressing questions from Seed to Table course lessons which will not be open to everyone. You will have full access to all other post categories as well as the LIVE Features and Recordings archive.

Why is Classroom access no longer free?

The Classroom content and membership have grown to a point where they require a significant amount of time to manage. Additional features are also now included in this paid Classroom Pass so members will have access to much more support than they had with the free version.

Who is best suited for the Classroom Pass?

Going forward, the Classroom space will primarily be a suplemental learning space for Seed to Table course members and alumni. However, it pains me to close the doors to all of the wonderful and enthusiastic growers who have joined the Classroom in our early years and supported its development. Therefore, I am making this Classroom Pass option available to all site members for a limited time. So, will you be a good fit for our growing community? Well, our Seed to Table members include first year growers and others with decades of experience under their belt, so your level of experience shouldn't be a factor. If you have at least a few hundred square feet of soil to work with and you are ready to learn, I would be delighted to work with you and help you make the most of your growing space.

Who is not well suited for the Classroom Pass?

I enjoy helping people grow a significant amount of their own food in soil, outdoors, without the use of synthetic fertilizers or toxic pesticides. If your growing space is limited to a few pots or just a couple of small raised beds, you will likely find that a lot of our conversations don't apply that well to your context.

Can I cancel my Classroom Pass at any time?

Yes. You can log in to your member profile page any time and click on the Cancel Membership button to do so.

What do I have access to with the Classroom Pass?

The Classroom Pass gives you access to a growing collection of resources for each stage of the growing cycle and monthly Q & A sessions to help you address specific challenges in your vegetable garden. You will also be able to access the past recordings of LIVE sessions which include member spotlights and plot tours from our own gardens demonstrating our growing techniques firsthand.

When are the LIVE Q & A sessions?

I will host a LIVE Q & A session on the first Saturday of every month at 10:00am CST. Replays are always available and questions can be submitted in advance if you are unable to attend.

If I get a Classroom Pass now, can I still enroll in the Seed to Table course at a later date?

Yes. The Seed to Table course will still be an option for you. Course enrollment comes with one year of free support in the Classroom, so when you do enroll, we will just pause your monthly Classroom Pass membership for that year and you will have the option to restart it once your period of free access ends.

"I do a lot less time researching - I can trust that Jared has done the work and just need to reference his resources. That's huge!  Honestly, I feel like a lot of our garden could be summed up as: "this is an adaptation of what Jared does because it works" :)"

Terri Lynn Friesen


Join our Classroom of vegetable growers today!