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How to grow a year-round supply of food,
without quitting your day job ... even in a cold climate!
Get ready to kickstart your vegetable game!

In this 67 minute interactive lesson, you'll discover what it takes to unlock the true potential of your growing space.  Click the video below to start the workshop.

Here is what you can expect to learn...

I'll reveal to you the three major breakthroughs we have had that have enabled us to grow our own year-round supply of vegetables with ease.


How to master planning so your garden gives you the right amount of food and makes the best use of your growing space. 

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How to optimize plant growth so the time you invest in your garden actually pays you back with food you can count on.

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How to make gardening easy so you can grow your own year round supply of vegetables without quitting your day job.

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Screen Shot 2022-12-17 at 12.12.38 PM.png
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And here's what you'll get on the inside...

When you finish the workshop, you'll receive these 3 workbooks to help accelerate your progress.

  • Learn how much space to plant for each of the crops you're growing.

  • See the top tools we use to create optimal growing conditions.

  • Get a customized set of strategies you can implement right away.

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Grower's Calculator small.jpg
grower's toolkit small.jpg
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I spend a lot less time researching now - I can trust that Jared has done the work and just need to reference his resources. That's huge!  Honestly, I feel like a lot of our garden could be summed up as: "this is an adaptation of what Jared does because it works"

Terri Lynn Friesen

Get to Know Your Instructor

Jared Regier is an urban farmer and educator from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan who is passionate about building a more sustainable future.  He loves teaching people how to grow their own food because it is such a powerful vehicle for positive change in individuals and communities.

Most recently, Jared has operated an award winning urban farm so he's obviously pretty comfortable in the vegetable world, but his life experience doesn't begin there.  His first career as a high school teacher also helped him develop an ability to simplify and communicate complex ideas.  So when the farm started to get noticed and people began to ask if they could learn how to grow vegetables like that in their own backyard, it was only natural for Jared to answer the call.  


Today, Jared's teaching and farming experience have found perfect harmony here at the Vegetable Academy where he aims to put the knowledge and tools of the vegetable farmer in the hands of the home gardener.  His approach to teaching is organized, logical, and light hearted, and his practical lessons are always rooted in first hand experience and/or scientific studies.  

Jared loves to learn and enjoys passing on these lessons to his students so he can watch them experience success as well.  The limitless number of learning opportunities in the vegetable garden are sure to keep this work interesting for years to come, so if you are ready to take responsibility for growing your own food, Jared would be delighted to work with you.

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