The Seed to Table course will help you navigate the wild world of vegetable growing so that you can approach your garden with confidence and finally achieve dependable results for your family.

A step by step guide to creating the vegetable garden of your dreams. 
By the end of this course,
you will be able to...

Determine the optimal location and size for your vegetable garden.

Create a working garden plan that uses your space to its full potential.

Build healthy soil and select the best tools to equip yourself for success.

Successfully start your own seeds, indoors and out in the field.

Grow stronger plants with proper spacing, irrigation, and effective weed management techniques.

Harvest your crops at the best time for the highest yields and quality.

Store your harvest properly to preserve the fruits of your labour.

Create a meal plan to make the best use of your homegrown produce.

But above all else...

Seed to Table will help you take the guess work out of vegetable growing,  and guide you through a process you can use to achieve success in your garden year after year.

"I am very excited about this course! I am especially looking forward to learning how to plan properly. I am in awe of how well you do everything and have a lot to learn!"

Carla Dombowsky, Founder Member

The Growing Cycle

This course is designed to help you understand the whole process from seed to table, because true success in the vegetable garden depends on a lot more than how you put your plants in the ground.  The 8 stages of the Growing Cycle will serve as the foundational modules for the course.  By addressing subjects in this natural and logical order, the course content will flow smoothly from one module to the next and students will clearly be able to identify areas for improvement.

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