This is the same planning template we use to layout our homestead garden.  I wanted a visual planning system that showed me when I needed to plant, when I could expect a harvest, and especially when I had bed space open so that I could plant more food!  This is the result.  I will send you your own copy of this scaled template so that you can get started planning your dream garden.


Where spreadsheets and site plans fail, this planner excels.  The key difference is that the bed and crop labels are scaled to help you keep track of time.  This allows you to both see the layout of your garden visually, and get a sense of when your crops will need to be planted and harvested.  What I really love about this planner is that it helped me see the periods in our growing season when I had empty bed space so I could better increase and stagger our food production by using more relay planting, succession planting, and interplanting.    The drag and drop style makes it easy to rearrange your plan as the pieces of your vegetable garden puzzle fall into place.  I hope you have as much fun with it as I have!


Watch the video tutorials to learn how to use the garden planner workspace and visit the Planning category of the online Classroom for additional support.

The Vegetable Academy Garden Planner

  • When you purchase this Garden Planning Template,  I will make a copy of my template, save it in your name, and share it just with you so that you can edit it and make it your own. You will receive an email from me with a link to the shared file and a prompt to set up a FREE account to use the Canva application.  This is the only way to share editable Canva documents with multiple people and allow each person to make their own personalized changes.  

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