"If you wish to make anything grow, you must understand it, and understand it in a very real sense.  'Green fingers' are a fact, and a mystery only to the unpracticed."  - Russell Page 

I have many vivid memories of the first year we starting growing seriously. 

My dreamy vision of growing our own food was soon tempered with a dose of reality as I saw how quickly my actions determined whether our crops lived or died.

There were crop failures all over the place, constant problems with irrigation, pest troubles, wasted space, so much wasted time, and weeds, oh the weeds!  Every decision that needed to be made led to more questions.  Around in circles we went.  Slowly we learned, but we did it the hard way.

Today, our family produces about 75% of the food we eat on an annual basis.  Trips to the grocery store are few and far between.  We happily save thousands of dollars in food bills each year while eating food better than any money can buy.  There's no going back now.  We're hooked!

Learning how to grow your own food shouldn't have to be as painful as it was for us, so we have created this Classroom community to share the specific methods we use today.  These methods have been critical to our success and by sharing them we hope to help more people take back control of their food with confidence.  

Join our Classroom today and have a look around!

backyard vegetable garden with greenhouse

Still wondering if this community is right for you? 

Here are 10 signs that it is time to take your vegetable game to the next level.


You find yourself wandering through your garden first thing in the morning


When you head to your garden to do one specific task, you end up working on five other things.


Your garden gets a little bigger every year.

Oh yeah!


Your favourite part of winter is looking through your new seed catalogs.


There is always a little dirt

under your fingernails.


You plan your summer vacations around your harvest schedule


Every conversation you are a part of somehow leads back to gardening.


When friends visit your house in summer, they always leave with fresh vegetables.


You rate your days based on how much you accomplished in the garden.


Your gardening work

is never done.

Did any of that sound familiar? 

We feel the same way!  See you inside.